The March of the Nations for Israel @2018


Initiative of March of Life in partnership with Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum for the MARCH OF THE NATIONS project to mobilize 6 million Christians worldwide – to honor 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust – commemorating the 70th Israeli Independence Day in May 2018.

Thousands of Evangelical Christians from all over the world will be invited to come to Israel for the MARCH OF THE NATIONS to express their solidarity and friendship with Israel in a joint march along a symbolic route in Jerusalem together with Israelis from all spheres of society. They will make a clear statement against any form of anti-Semitism, prejudice and hatred of Jews. Leading up to the March, there will be several conferences. The event will include a gala event that will be broadcast live all over the world and that will reach several hundred millions of TV viewers.

The MARCH OF THE NATIONS is initiated by the Global March of Life Movement in cooperation with the Israeli association – Helping Hand Global Forum. Since 2017 Marches of Life have taken place in 300 cities and 14 different countries.

What is the international March of Life?

Descendants of Nazis honor Holocaust survivors and make a public statement against anti-Semitism and for friendship to Israel in 350 cities worldwide. They call the nations for 2018 for the March of the Nations in Jerusalem.


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