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Andre Gasiorowski: Completing UNITAR’s course on Diplomacy 4.0

🇺🇸 “Diplomacy 4.0 – Beyond the Digital Frontier”: The Neoteric Diplomat, Digital and Cyber-diplomacy, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Governance, and Science Diplomacy. Успешное завершение курса UNITAR (Учебный и исследовательский институт Организации Объединенных […]

Andre Gasiorowski: Awarded with the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Social Work

The great privilege of obtaining the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Social Work, from Victory Theological Seminary was awarded to Dr. Andre Gasiorowski by the Chancellor and President of Victory Theological Seminary – Rev. Dr. Dominic Antony, B.D., M.Min., M.Th., D.D., Ph.D. at Helping Hand Global Forum headquarters in Caesarea.

Completing UNITAR’s course on Cosmopolitan Communication

Successfully completing UNITAR’s (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) course on “Cosmopolitan Communication: Connecting across Diplomats, Business Leaders and Civil Society Actors”. Успешное завершение курса ЮНИТАР (Учебный и научно-исследовательский институт Организации […]