Westminster, UK | Centre Port Project Launch

London 17.11.2022 | Dr. Andre Gasiorowski – CEO of Network Intelligence Group, and International Advisor to Center Port Project – attending the event inaugurating the Center Port Project in the House of Commons of the Palace of Westminster.

Centre Port Project proposal with an estimated cost of £2 billion is the world’s first Tidal Powered Deep Sea Container Terminal that addresses several broad based solution to region issues collectively: 

  • Renewable Tidal Energy: Tidal renewable consistent predictable energy via a Hydro-electric dam in the sea defence with estimated power is 800 GWH, or the equivalent to 600,000 homes and businesses in the region for constant daily consumption, with long-term infrastructure that will last at least 200 years.
  • Boosting the UK economy with the world’s first tidal energy-powered smart container port for up to 4 million containers a year, capable of handling the world’s largest container vessels trading with international deep sea markets.
  • Flood defence for over 1 million people across the whole Wash Lincolnshire and Norfolk region of the UK.

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