Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, MD PhD

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born: 1959 in Nysa, Poland

residency: Caesarea, Israel

nationality: Israeli, Polish

languages: Polish • English • Russian • Hebrew • (passive: German • Latin)

interest: music • math • nuclear physics • medicine • advanced technologies • macro-economics • geo-politics • productions (events, films) • journalism • theology


UNITAR’s (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) (2022) course completion on modules: Diplomacy 4.0 – Beyond the Digital Frontier: The Neoteric Diplomat, Digital and Cyber-diplomacy, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Governance, Science Diplomacy, Art of Speechwriting, Cosmopolitan Communication: Connecting across Diplomats, Business Leaders and Civil Society Actors.

Honorary Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (2022) by Victory Theological Seminary 

Honorary Degree of Doctor of Social Work (2022) by Victory Theological Seminary 

Degree of Doctor of Medicine (1984) by Wroclaw Medical University / Poland 

Walbrzych Music School / Poland (1964-78) music education on violin and piano

Professional Career

Dr. Andre Gasiorowski is involved on the executive and macro-management level: Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Executive President and Director, Project Manager, Financial Consultant in various business activities in Middle & Western Europe, Middle East, Far East, and North America. Since 1989, his experience is in financial and operating management includes all phases of investment and regulatory management including investment capital, and sale and merger of financial institutions, business development, marketing advisor, project manager.


Network Intelligence Technology Group – CEO & President (since 2008) – technologies project management and development:  artificial intelligence • integrated security systems • communication systems • non-lethal technologies • business intelligence • social engineering • electromagnetic fields • nanotechnologies • communication • energy & waste • food processing • mechanics • medical systems solutions • audio and visual productions • digital data processing


Network Intelligence – CEO & President (since 1991): macro-scale regional projects management: business development • financial and operating supervision • investment and regulatory supervision • investment capital management sale • merger of financial institutions 

Art-B (international) Co-owner, Vice-President & COO (1989-1991): Holding of 600 subsidiaries and affiliates in 50 countries worldwide with processed transactions valued at $


PAZ Oil Company (Israel) – Investor and major co-owner of 50% of the company (1991-93): founded in 1922 as Shell Company of Palestine today worth $1.2 bill, trading of $2.5 bill per year third largest private Israeli company. 

SAHAR P.L.C. (Israel) – Investor and major co-owner (1991-93):  insurance • investment • largest real estate company in Israel


Media Network Intelligence – President (since 2005):  global televised events productions • television program distribution • sponsorship campaign management • art director • executive productions of international televised events and music mega-productions of events with up to 1.5 million live audiences and up to 750 mill TV audience in 180 countries worldwide. 

Through his production company Viva-Art Music, he co-produced Good News Festival by the World Youth Day on 10–15 August 1991 in Czestochowa, Poland, during Pope John Paul II’s visit, with a 2 million live audience. He was involved in regional Israeli support for the 15th World Youth Day with Pope Francis’s participation and a 3 million live audience – an international event organized by the Catholic Church and focused on faith and youth that took place from 26 to 31 July 2016 in Kraków, Poland. 

Viva Art Music  (Polish office) – Co-owner (1990-1992): executive productions of European international music mega-productions of artists such as Michael Jackson, Elton John, Whitney Houston, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Donna Summer, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Bryan Adams, Julio Iglesias, Joe Cocker, Jack Bruce, Robert Cray, Richard Thompson, Phil Manzanera, Steve Cropper, Bruce Hornsby, Les Paul, Robie Robertson, Roger Mc Guinn, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Brian May, Joe Walsh, Cozy Powell, Rick Wakeman, Paul Rogers, Nuno Bettencourt, Extreme, Gipsy Kings, Electric Light Orchestra, Art Garfunkel, Boyz II Men, Peter Andre; Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Montserrat Caballe, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Take 6, Petra, Michael W. Smith, and many others.


TBN Poland – Board of Advisors member, Head of TBN Poland editorial office in Israel. TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) is TBN is the world’s largest Christian television network and America’s most-watched faith-and-family channel, an international television network with channels broadcast on 70 satellites and over 18,000 television and cable affiliates to 800 milion viewers in 180 countries. TBN Poland registered in Poland in 2014 as an affiliated TBN (50% ownership) regional TV station, reaching today 9 million households in Poland.



Action movies and TV series for TV networks in Poland, Israel, and Netflix (projects in progress), documentary series for TBN Russia (2010-2014), show-business global televised Israeli events.

Starred in movies

Art-B. Made in Poland (main character) – the documentary series of six episodes about his life by Oscar-nominated Aneta Kopacz, produced by Canal+ Discovery TV Channel and TVN TV – the largest Polish television station owned by Discovery Inc. Final negotiations for production of this story in features series for Netflix

Secret Services (in Episode 1) – the sensational TV series of Patryk Vega, produced for national Polish TVP TV.


Supporting Peace in the Middle East – promoting Human Rights and  Interfaith Dialogue for the ethnic and religious minorities in Israel and the Middle East

Supporting Israel – promoting national broad understanding between the Jewish people and Israel, assistance in the field of public diplomacy for Israel in the Christian world: Americas (USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil), Asia (Singapore, S.Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Australia), Europe (Germany, Netherlands, France, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden, Norway, Finland), Africa (Morocco, Kenya, Congo, Sierra Leone, Djiboutti).


Non-Profit Organizations

Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum – Founder & Chairman (since 2011) Federation of 250 organizations representing majority of victims of Holocaust living today in Israel (100,000 members), as well as World War II Veterans, focused on lobbying for humanitarian projects that concerns: worldwide promotion of peace.

Helping Hand Coalition – Founder & Chairman (since 2007) Israeli NGO activities focused on lobbying for humanitarian projects that concerns Holocaust survivors, victims of totalitarian systems, victims of religion or racial oppression, underprivileged.

Global Relief Network – CEO & President (since 2006): macro-scale regional management (business development • financial and operating supervision • investment and regulatory supervision • investment capital management) for international projects related to: communities supporting Israel and Jewish people • business supporting humanitarian help

WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network) Israel – Director (since 2017)

Christian Medical Fellowship (Poland) – President (1985-1991)


Supporting people in need living in Israel – regardless of their ethnicity, race or faith – senior citizens, immigrants, underprivileged children, low income families, victims of terror, oppressed.

Supporting Holocaust Survivors living in Israel (since 2006) – there are an estimated 200,000 elderly Holocaust survivors living in Israel today, a quarter are whom are living in poverty. Some 50,000 survivors in Israel are living a low quality of life.

Supporting Alyiah – financing and supporting the secret operation of transfer the first wave of 150,000 of Jews from the Soviet Union to Israel through Poland (1990-1994), which took place under the code name Operation Bridge (Alyiah).



WPA (World Press Association) Certified Professional Journalist (ID: 10079) • EPF (European Press Federation) Certified journalist (ID: BC13405) • IPA (International Press Association) Certified Journalist-correspondent of the (ID: 06835) • IAPP (International Association of Press Photographers) Certified International Press Photographer (ID: IV-8818-MH) • UPA Media Group (US Authorised Press Association)


ISRAEL: Daily Israel – Founder & CEO: worldwide newscast from Israel; INTERNATIONAL: NewsmexXTV – Journalist & Press Reporter (Science and Technology) (ID: I-US/38257) • GDN (German Daily News) – Journalist & Press Reporter • GNA (German News Agency) – Journalist & Press Reporter • GNM (Global Nature Magazine) – Journalist & Press Reporter • NewsModo – Journalist & Press Photographer • PAM! – Journalist & Press Photographer • The Southern Times – Journalist & Press Photographer • UPA News International Press Agency – Journalist & Press Photographer; POLAND: Gazeta Bankowa – a columnists • Historia – a columnists • Historia Bez Cenzury – a columnists • Polska bez Cenzury – a columnists • Służby Specjalne – a columnists.



2021 Universal Peace Council on Human Rights and  Interfaith Dialogue (UPC) – Ambassador of Peace

2021 EurAsia Foundation (Switzerland) – Member of International Board

2020 Parliamentary Knesset Lobby for Strengthening and Supporting Underprivileged Population Groups (השדולה לחיזוק ותמיכה בקבוצות אוכלוסייה מוחלשת) – Member

2020 International Congress of World Nations (ICWN) – General Secretary

2020 International Peoples Alliance of the World Nations (IPAWN) – President of the General Assembly, Member of Coordination Committee, Head of Department of the Economic Development. IPAWN having representatives in 146 countries in the world, representative of the future UNESCO Center in the UN, UNESCO and UNIDO.

2016 Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum – The President – a world federation of 250 organizations in Israel, bringing together 100,000 registered members of affiliated organizations.

2015 TBN Poland (Trinity Broadcasting Network Poland) – Member of the Advisory Board. TBN Poland is owned by TBN TV network broadcasting via 87 satellites through over 18,000 cable stations to over 180 countries worldwide. 

2013 Children of the Holocaust for the Future – The President – a foundation bringing together 26,000 members (Holocaust survivors) operating in 26 cities in Israel. 

2012 World Federation of Moroccan Jews – Honorary Member of the Presidium. 

2011 Association of Veterans of World War II – Board Member, Financial Advisor. 

2011 Hazit HaKavod Federation – an organization uniting 250 organizations with 70,000 members – Honorary Member of the Presidium. 

2010 Association of Survivors of the Ghettos and Concentration Camps – Honorary Member of the Presidium. 

2009 Association of Injured Veterans of World War II – Honorary Member of the Presidium. 

2007 Helping Hand Coalition – the President – the foundation leading charity for the 100,000 survivors of the Holocaust, branches in 50 countries.


2015 Awarded by the Knesset for contribution to the improvement of international relations – signed by the President of the Immigration and Absorption Commission. 

2012 Nomination for the Presidency of the World Federation of Moroccan Jews – signed by Shimon Peres (President of Israel), Aharon Barak (former President of the Supreme Court), Rabbi Meir Lau (Chief Rabbi of Israel).

2011 Awarded by the Knesset for supporting the welfare of Holocaust survivors – signed by Deputy-Speaker of the Knesset.



1995 Sovereign Order of Sw. Stanislaw (Order Św. Stanisława) granted by the Order of the Knights of Saint Stanislaus for the outstanding deeds in the humanitarian and charity work.

Stanisław August Poniatowski, King of Poland, established the Order of the Knights of Saint Stanislaus,  on 8 May 1765.  Initially, the order was limited to 100 members who were required to prove four generations of nobility. The knights were required to pay for donations to poor people and to adhere to various rules of chivalry.


2016 Medal of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II issued by the Chief Commandor of the Israeli Defence Forces – gen. Moshe Yaalon. 

2011 Medal of the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II issued by the Chief Commandor of the Israeli Defence Forces – gen. Ehud Barak. 

2011 Medal of the 65th anniversary of Israel issued by the Chief Commander of the Israeli Defence Forces – gen. Ehud Barak. 


1989 Cross for Freedom and Independence with Swords (Krzyż za Wolność i Niepodległość z Mieczami) for active participation in the fight for Polish freedom issued in London by the President of the Polish Republic (on exile)

2013 Medal of Honor and Fatherland – issued by the Association of Soldiers of the Polish Army.

2011 Cross of Distinguished Merit (Krzyż za Wybitne Zasługi) issued by y the Union of Veterans of the Republic of Poland and Former Political Prisoners. 

Gold Cross of the Polish Army – issued by the Association of Combatants of the Republic of Poland and Former Political Prisoners. 

2011 Medal of the 65th anniversary of the End of World War II – issued by the Union of Veterans of the Republic of Poland and Former Political Prisoners.