Płock | World Helicopter Rally 2023

Płock, Poland | The First World Helicopter Rally and the Helicopter National Team qualifications. A significant event with 70 helicopters and the Helicopter National Team at the Aeroclub of the Masovian Region in Płock. Over 12,000 visitors had the opportunity to admire the feats of pilots and various civilian and military machines from Poland, Denmark, Germany, and the Czech Republic.


The event was held under the auspices of the International Aviation Federation (FAI – Fédération Aéronautique Internationale), associating national aeroclubs (Polish Aeroclub), thanks to the cooperation between Serafina Ogończyk-Mąkowska – President Rotorcraft Commission (CIG) by the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI), and many other co-partners, such as:

  • Aeroclub of the Masovian Land
  • Association of Helisport Aviation
  • Association of Polish Aviation Photographers Air-Action
  • Air Rescue Service
  • Business Helicopter Club
  • City of Plock
  • General Command of the Branches of the Armed Forces
  • Helicopter Polish National Team
  • Lazarski Aviation Academy
  • Operational Command of the Branches of the Polish Armed Forces

photography: Andrzej Gasiorowski, Sławek Hesja Krajniewski, Ewa Ablewska, Maciej Piotrowski, Arkadiusz Pytlas, Daniel Puciłowski, Air-to-Air Meeting photo-session

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