Art-B. Made in Poland (5/6)

Episode 5 – And it was so beautiful

In this episode, viewers will have the opportunity to watch, among others an attempt by the company Art-B to save the endangered Ursus plant. Thanks to this business, Andrzej Gąsiorowski and Bogusław Bagsik entered the world of media. The newspapers began to wonder, who the mysterious businessmen are, and how they managed to reach such impressive property. The media raced in guesses, asking themselves the question “did they cheat or did they not cheat? „? How did the great scandal began? And who really was a victim?

Oscar-nominated Aneta Kopacz in the documentary series „ART-B. Made in Poland” produced by Canal+ Discovery Channel. Sensational documentary series about the life and career, ups and downs of the owners of one of the largest private company in Polish history. Art-B company founded and owned by Bogusław Bagsik and Andrzej Gasiorowski, in 1990-1992 created a network of 600 daughter companies in 50 countries around the world. The company achieved a revenue of $22.5 billion in eighteen months, which is higher than Orlen’s revenue in 2015. (the largest Polish oil corporation).

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