Praise Peace Festival

Construction of a huge amphitheater for $35 million.
The project will also include an annual musical festival in Jerusalem every Christmas. Very soon, representatives from international production companies will be coming to Israel to promote this program. The program has already achieved the proper financing needed for its establishment.
American singers, Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones, are making plans, along with some international production companies, to establish a huge amphitheater. They are aspiring to build the largest amphitheater in the world near Mount Scopus.
The construction cost is estimated at $35 million. According to the plan, the compound is expected to be able to seat 100 thousand people. The goal of the developers is to make the amphitheater a central focus point for annual festivals that promote peace.
This venture has been in the works for several years now. Discussions between the production companies, the Municipal Culture Department and the various government agencies involved have taken its time, mainly due to political and budgetary reasons.
However, recently the decision was made to restart the project and begin building on a yearly basis.  In the coming months representatives from Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder and production companies are expected to come to Israel promote the project. The two development companies involved are Tribute Productions, and Mount Zion Productions. In the 1990s, Tribute Productions produced “The Wall”, in Berlin and Mount Zion Productions maintains connections with huge international productions.
Millionaire Andre Gasiorowski, who is a Polish businessman living in Israel, agreed to fund the project. Gasiorowski, who was once one of the owners of Tribute Productions, received the approval to withdraw credit for the project from the Swiss bank UBS.
An article recently published in a newspaper called, BONUS, claimed that Andre Gasiorowski intends to establish a tourism–real estate style project of his own in the land east of the city. Gasiorowski, who recently acquired dozens of plots of land on Mount Scopus, Mount of Olives and Mount Zion, intends to register them in the name of an American company, and then sell the shares to the Christian believers through global stock exchanges, (“The issuance of land east of the city on Wall Street” – “BONUS”, 06/11/99).
Article by: Uri Yablonka

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