Andre Gasiorowski: Nomination to Executive Board of Veterans Union of WWII

Andre Gasiorowski – President of Helping Hand Global Forum, was nominated to the Central Executive Council Board of the Union of Veterans of World War II Fighters Against Nazism in Israel (Veterans Union), an organization with over 10,000 members in 65 cities in Israel.


Gen. Roman Jagiel (ex chief of Israeli Interpol, Border Police) (†) • Gen. Rafi Eitan (ex chief of Mossad, Lakam), Gen. Ephraim Lapid (Intell), Gen. Tzvika Gendelman (ex high commander in Armored Corp).

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Gen.maj. Chaim Eretz, Chairman of the Association for Establishing the Museum of the Jewish Soldier in World War II • Avraham Greenzaid, Chairman of Veterans Union of World War II – Fighters Against Nazism • Efraim Papierny, Chairman of Association of Wounded Soldiers and Partisans who Fought the Nazis.

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