Tel Aviv | Rafi Eitan (1926-2019) Shalom Haver

Rafi Eitan, you were a real Israeli hero, one of the founders of the State of Israel. RIP.

Rafi Eitan (1926-2019) was a founding member of the Israeli intel community and a former cabinet member. Eitan was known as Israel’s “master spy” and a living legend.

Rafi Eitan, the Mossad agent who headed the mission to abduct Adolf Eichmann and bring him to Israel in 1960 for prosecution, died on Saturday at the age of 92.

“Rafi was one of the heroes of the State of Israel’s intelligence service in countless acts for Israel’s security,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday evening. “There was no match for his wisdom, wit and endless commitment to the people of Israel and our country.”


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