Art-B. Made in Poland (trailer 1)

Oscar-nominated Aneta Kopacz in the documentary series „ART-B. Made in Poland” produced by Canal+ Discovery Channel. Sensational documentary series about the life and career, ups and downs of the owners of one of the largest private company in Polish history. Art-B company founded and owned by Bogusław Bagsik and Andrzej Gasiorowski, in 1990-1992 created a network of 600 daughter companies in 50 countries around the world. The company achieved a revenue of $22.5 billion in eighteen months, which is higher than Orlen’s revenue in 2015. (the largest Polish oil corporation).

From October 2019 on TVN (largest Polish free-to-air television station, subsidiary of Discovery Inc.) it will be possible to watch a series of documentaries devoted to one of the most controversial issues of recent years. TVN7 will show documentary series about ART-B („Art-B. Made in Poland„), the processes of the well-known actor and athlete O. Simpson; in addition, a documentary series produced by Steven Spielberg and Alex Gibney will be presented on the phenomenon of hatred. TVN it is owned by subsidiary of Discovery Inc. a free-to-air television station, with 21.05% of Polish market share, available in 86% of households in Poland.

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