Andre Gasiorowski: Interview for TBN

TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)


  • Worldwide, TBN’s channels are broadcast on 86 satellites and over 18,000 television and cable affiliates to over 200 countries, reaching ca.700 mill viewers, expanded to 95% of American households.  TBN owns 35 full-power television stations serving larger metropolitan areas in the United States; at its peak, the network also owned 252 low-power television stations.
  • Trinity Broadcasting Network (or TBN) is the largest Christian-based broadcast TV network in the world. Operating as an independent entity, TBN is also the world’s largest religious television network.
  • According to TVNewsCheck, TBN was the third largest over-the-air television station group in the USA as of 2010, besting the station groups of CBS, Fox and NBC, but behind Ion Media Networks and Univision Communications.
  • TBN is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, with auxiliary studio facilities in Irving, Texas; Hendersonville, Tennessee; Gadsden, Alabama; Decatur, Georgia; Miami, Florida; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Orlando, Florida; and New York City.
  • TBN broadcasts programs hosted by a diverse group of ministries from Evangelical, traditional Protestant and Catholic denominations, non-profit charities, Messianic Jewish and well-known Christian media personalities. TBN also offers a wide range of original programming, and faith-based films from various distributors.
  • TBN produces a variety of original Christian programs, such as gospel music concerts, live coverage of major Christian events, talk shows, health/fitness/nutrition programs with Christian family doctors, children’s programs, contemporary Christian music videos, marriage enrichment series, holiday specials, Christian dramas, and full-length, family-oriented movies.
  • Matt Crouch currently serves as TBN’s president and head of operations.tbn_crest


TBN Poland


In 2014 TBN registered in Poland affiliated regional TV station – TBN Poland. Official regional and global broadcast started in January 2016. Krzysztof Rompa serves as TBN Poland president and head of operations.

TBN Polska (Poland) is a new Christian based (non-profit) television channel that has just been launched in Poland. It broadcasts via Polsat (Poland’s second biggest television channel). It also broadcasts to other European nations via “TBN Europe” and to North America via “TBN” (based in USA).

As Polish viewers (primarily in Poland but those living outside as well) do not have a full understanding and real tangible insight on Israel, we believe that your extraordinary and well produced film will be a great way to introduce them to the Land of Israel and its people, and spark in them an interest towards Israel. We believe that his film will be of great interest to the Polish viewers and will have a positive effect on their perception of Israel.

Matthew and Laurie Crouch (President of TBN) interviewing Andre Gasiorowski – Chairman of the Helping Hand Coalition. 

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