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by Naomi Morris | Knight Ridder Services

Andrzej Gasiorowski wants to sell you a piece of eternity for $10.


That’s what he says he will charge for a stake in his scheme to build an ecumenical prayer garden on the Mount of Olives, where many Christians and Jews believe the Messiah will reveal himself to mankind.

Gasiorowski, a Polish millionaire who lives in Israel, says investors in his Messianic Garden, on 2.5 acres of the historic hill overlooking Jerusalem, will receive a Mount of Olives certificate. They also will participate in what he calls a philanthropic plan to develop a fitness spa, a conference center, and a television network. At least 25 percent of the money raised will go to charity, he said.

The physician-turned-businessman is one of dozens of entrepreneurs promoting millennial ventures in the land where the Christian calendar began.

Gasiorowski, who just registered the Web site, said his project is not profit-driven but motivated by the Judeo-Christian philosophy of doing good deeds. “The beauty is that this project is not Israeli or Palestinian, Jewish, Christian or Muslim,” said Gasiorowski’s partner, Barry Shye, an Israeli who spent 11 years in the United States. “Anybody can be a shareholder, and the owners will decide what to support,” said Shye.

“If the victims of the earthquake in Taiwan need help, the shareholders of the Messianic Garden may Gasiorowski, also a musician and math whiz, operates from his office in Tel Aviv, with a mobile telephone and notebook computer as his nerve center. He said he will list his new company soon on stock exchanges worldwide.

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