Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, MD PhD

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26.06.2020 | Appearing in the World’s bestselling digital photo magazine: “PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK” after reaching AllStars level in “Dominant Black” #GuruShots challenge (total 38.4M votes 47.116 photos). Photography Week is a digital-only weekly photography magazine, from the makers of Digital Camera World, PhotoPlus and N-Photo. Delivering news, gear reviews, buying guides, tutorials and interviews, it’s the weekly digest for any photographer – whether they’re complete beginners or advanced image-makers.

01.08.2021 | “Happiness” – Maggie Gasiorowski’s wedding photo get 55th place, was ranked in “100 top rank” in the global GuruShots challenge “A Special Moment” (38.4 million votes; 56,126 photos), and was selected to be showcased in the “Portrait Photographer of the Year” global virtual exhibition, as well as physical exhibition in Seoul, South Korea (August-October 2021).