ART-B. Made in Poland (4)


This episode will reveal the unknown role of Art-B in the secret operation of the transfer of hubdreds of thousands of Jews from the Soviet Union to Israel, which took place under the code name Operation Bridge (ALYIAH). Participants of those events will tell what happened behind the success of this huge undertaking and what were the international effects of those events. What share did they have in it? How did you avoid terrorist attacks? Did it affect the future of businessmen?

Operation Bridge was an undertaking that enabled Jews of primarily Russian origin to return to Israel. ART-B, using its financial means, has supported the Polish government in the preparation of a safe transport for this operation. The threat of a terrorist attack in the 1990s was serious. All Arab countries were interested in Poland, including Syria. Counterintelligence, anti-terrorist and GROM groups managed to avoid dangerous situations.

Premiere at TVN7:

Oscar-nominated Aneta Kopacz in the six-episodes documentary series “ART-B. Made in Poland” produced by Canal+ Discovery Channel. Sensational documentary series about the life and career, ups and downs of the owners of one of the largest private companies in Polish history. 

TVN is a Polish free-to-air television station owned by Discovery Inc., available in 86% of households in Poland.

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