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The National Centre for Research and Development is the implementing agency of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. It was appointed in the summer 2007 as an entity in charge of the performance of the tasks within the area of national science, science and technology and innovation policies.  When if was founded, it was the first entity of this type, created as the platform of an effective dialogue between the scientific and business communities.

Currently, it operates under the Act on National Centre for Research and Development dated 30 April 2010 (Journal of Laws from 2010, No. 96 item 616). The science reform adopted in the autumn 2010 gave the Centre more freedom to manage its financial assets, within the scope of a strategic research programme.

In addition, the National Centre for Research and Development extended its activity with new initiatives and possibilities on 1 September 2011. Assigned by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education the function of the Mediation Institution in three operational programmes: Human Capital, Innovative Economy and Infrastructure and Environment, the Centre became one of the greatest innovation centres in Poland.

Prof. Maciej Chorowski is a Chairman of the NCRD.

The activity of the Centre is funded by the national treasury and the European Union.


The National Centre for Research and Development (NCRD, Polish: Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju) is an implementing agency in Poland as it is understood according to the Act on Public Finance of 27 August 2009 (Journal of Laws of 2009, no. 157, item 1240 and Journal of Laws of 2010, no. 28, item 146), established to carry out tasks within the state policies on science, innovation as well as science and technology.


The NCRD’s mission is to support Polish companies and science units in developing their abilities to create and make use of solutions based on research results. The above is done for the benefit of the society and to provide a developmental impulse to the Polish economy.


The chief aim of the NCRD is to support the creation of innovative solutions and technologies that increase the competitiveness and innovation of the Polish economy. The NCRD is to strengthen the collaboration between business and academia, leading both to a greater engagement of entrepreneurs in research funding, as well as to a more effective commercialisation of this research. While carrying out those tasks, the NCRD ensures that public money spent on R&D activities delivers best possible benefits to the Polish economy.

Thanks to its extensive programme offer, the NCRD is able to provide financial support for a project on every level of technological readiness – from preliminary industrial research up to the development of an innovative product, service or technology. NCRD programmes also include those that fund international intellectual property protection or the foreign expansion of newly established innovative companies.

The NCRD also attaches great importance to supporting young scientists. In agreement with the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Interior and the Internal Security Agency, the NCRD also undertakes activities related to research on Poland’s defence and security. The aim of the programmes carried out is not only to increase the potential of Polish scientific and industrial entities, but also to strive for technological independence through the creation of Polish know-how in terms of defence, security and technology.

In carrying out its tasks, the NCRD also collaborates with other subjects as well as creates sectoral programmes as a direct response to the needs of entrepreneurs from selected areas of the Polish economy. The NCRD also attempts to engage VC funds in financing R&D and performs tasks commissioned by the Minister of Science and Higher Education. In 2007 ERANET and EUREKA projects as well as he supervision of commissioned research programmes has been passed on to the NCRD.

International co-operation is another significant area of the NCRD’s activities. Since 2011, the NCRD has also been an intermediate body for priorities within the area of supporting higher education and the R&D sector. The budget devoted to R&D has systematically been on the rise and in 2014 amounts to PLN 5,3 bn.

The NCRD is funded from the State Treasury and EU funds.

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