Jesus Christ, King of Poland officially announced

Poland 19.11.2016

In the Polish city of Krakow hosted the ceremony of enthronement of Jesus Christ as king of the Polish state. The ceremony of the enthronement of Jesus Christ is in the Temple of divine mercy in the presence of the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, many Polish state officials, and pilgrims.

In a ceremony at the Church of Divine Mercy in Krakow, Poland on Saturday, the Catholic Bishops of Poland in the presence of President Andrzei Duda and tens of thousands of Catholic pilgrims, officially recognized Jesus Christ as the King of Poland and called upon Him to rule over their nation, its people and their political leaders.

“Immortal King of Ages Lord Jesus Christ, our God and Savior,” they declared at the ceremony, “bowing our heads before You, King of the Universe, we acknowledge Thy dominion over Poland, those living in our homeland and throughout the world. Wishing to worship the majesty of Thy power and glory, with great faith and love, we cry out: Rule us, Christ!”

Parts of the enthronement ceremony read by the clergy and the congregation at the Nov. 19 ceremony included the following:

“In our hearts, Rule us, Christ! In our families, Rule us, Christ! … In our schools and universities, Rule us, Christ! … Through the Polish nation, rule us, Christ! … We pledge to defend Your holy worship and preach Thy royal glory, Christ our King, we promise! We pledge to do Your will and protect the integrity of our consciences, Christ our King, we promise! We pledge to care for the sanctity of our families and the Christian education of children, Christ our King, we promise!

“The King of kings and Lord of Rulers! We entrust the Polish people and Polish leaders to you. Make them exercise their power fairly and in accordance with Your laws. … Rule us, Christ! Reign in our homeland and reign in every nation — for the greater glory of the Most Holy Trinity and the salvation of mankind.”


Otmechaetsya that intronization movement started in the territory of the Polish state in the mid 90-ies of the last century, in 1996, after he began the process of beatification nurse Rosalia Celokupne. In the texts Celokupne has found an entry in which he emphasized that Jesus Christ asked the nurse to acknowledge him as “king and Lord completely through the enthronement” on the territory of Poland. Then, according to the note, Poland will be saved. Previously to the episcopate of Poland considered the idea of the enthronement of Christ the king of Poland not only illusory, but dangerous enough. However, after a few years of the Polish episcopate took the decision to carry out the ceremony. “The social kingship of our Divine Lord is absolutely founded in necessary and dogmatic truths about Christ,” said Fr. McDonald. “It is not merely an element of private revelation. St. Gregory the Great said that there were heretics who denied that Christ is the King of and over everything.”

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