Chronicle of the destruction of Europe

We are publishing the note on the resident of Munich waves of refugees, engulfed Germany.

Galina Ivanova our compatriot from Kazan. Released in Germany, married, naturalised, divorced, I decided to confirm the diploma of higher education and start working … But these plans are thwarted by the strange, illogical actions of the German government and the behaviour of the Germans, which can be called suicidal. Almost all records Galina rigorously documented: referenced in the major media in Germany (ZDF, Fokus, Sueddeutsche Zeitung) and statements of officials. This is a real chronicle of death in Europe. We give the diary from January to August 2015 years without comment. And the author is going to run …

4 January

Today, the German Internet is discussing his government’s statement on the need for the importation into the country of migrants from all the hot spots of the planet. Preference is given to young Muslims from Africa and the Middle East: the statement of the Bundestag refers to the strong arms, designed to save the German economy. But it is necessary to ask: “Where are all the less educated who do not speak German men will work?” – On the hour as you hang the label “racist” and “Islamophobic”.

And this despite the fact that yesterday was announced the government’s desire to raise the retirement age to 70 years. That is, the elderly will take their jobs to 70 years and where bydut work young Germans? If unemployment is already 30 percent? And where those mythical jobs for Ngamby and Yuldirima?

Cherry on the cake: the Catholic Church in Germany has decided to abandon the practice of infant baptism. The reason: it is impossible to impose individual faith, let it grow and decides himself. Even fun to watch, as well as the speed with which Europe is ruining itself. Stocking up on popcorn.

PS If someone pleases accuse me of lying, let him go down to the page Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

These Syrian refugees crowded near the border with Iraq. Then their dream – to enter Europe … Photo:

5 January

Germany, a country with very strict procedure for obtaining a residence permit, has introduced a simplified citizenship for refugees, Arabs and Africans. Children born to them are automatically citizens.

You see, I never Islamophob! I’m from Kazan, I have three quarters of the Tatars friends. My first husband and child – Muslims. But these refugees – they are other Muslims. Aggressive. Uncivilized. That way overlap, the fight, the police into their daily settlement leaves. No, the week here, and already are demanding halal meat, they do not like our.

Events for the destruction of Europe are developing at such a rate that even the bearded blue Conchita and marriages seem harmless. Merkel’s New Year’s speech condemned the protest against the Islamization of Europe (called PEGIDA). What Merkel? The Germans themselves peck to death the one who favors limiting migration.

6 January

Germany proposed to legalize marijuana and hashish. Plus many expected: the type of taxes will flow into the coffers of the river. In the comments to the news people wrote: “Wow! That’s solve the problem of jobs for refugees! All the illegal drug dealers arrange private entrepreneurs and other refugees to work in the plantations of marijuana!”

We did not get bored! The intrigue was the everyday life! Every day you wake up with the question: “What has come up with Merkel merkelyatami?” She reminds me of Gorbachev.

PS In comments asked marriages with cloven-hoofed not legalized, an hour? The answer is: no, brothels with them. A year or two have both.

9 January

“The people of Munich are going to hold a demonstration in support of the migration policy of the government”, – that I translate your article in the newspaper. Idiot. “Germany should be in color!” – The protesters chant and require taking more Muslim refugees. Requires a large plant on his neck. Well, I had to fight with Germany? She herself 70 years later kills.

Who are the protesters? Many of the refugees themselves with professionally unhappy faces and ugly aunts 50 plus that it’s not a secret, is actively used by young Africans. There are homosexuals, including fashionable black partners. By the way, 95 percent Refugees young guys.

These paintings have become commonplace for the stations largest cities in Europe. Photo: REUTERS

11 January

Here the people of the facts collected from all over Germany – the evidence of what the country “not at all” hot assurances Merkelihi and the Central Council of Muslims in Germany.

Many school cafeterias serve banned pork sausage, sausage and pate, forbidden even to bring these sandwiches from home.

The school canceled the lessons of religion, was removed from the walls of the crucifixion. Rename the Christmas holidays, is now the “winter break.”

The pool is open special sections for swimming in clothes, schools were allowed to Muslims not to go to swimming lessons (bare feet and bathing suits they abused).

Many companies offer employees during Ramadan do not eat or drink, so as not to confuse Muslims.

17-year old girl set fire to her hair, because she was without a headscarf …

For any of the evidence you will be called a Nazi, and it nedetskiy term. The page contains information, banyat as other going against the policy of the government. Muslims – are the new Jews in Germany. The sacred cow of Europe of the XXI century.

By the way, during the attack on the “Charly ebdo” no newspaper wrote that they were Muslims.

21 January

It is unrealistic to understand what is happening. In Germany, it was so much crime that today Union Police demanded to allow them not to engage in petty crimes, ie theft, shoplifting and domestic fights. About the challenges in refugee towns (fighting, stealing from each other) is prohibited according to a press.

Location refugees in Germany

22 January

“Empty bottles instead of a decent pension.” Briefly I translate the article (in any case not to slander my new homeland: here talking about this and crying out loud):

“Picking up the empty bottles helps many German pensioners to stay afloat. For many, digging in garbage urns – the only one, but a humiliating way to survive. Therefore, retirees Munich asked city hall to support the initiative to other cities and set on urns called circles to collect empty bottles (Pfandringe) that would help the elderly.

Answer Munich city government is unequivocal: no. These circles should be performed, hang, wash … “

In Russia, the myth of the rich living in Germany, but this is a myth. People stand in line for expired products, get them on the list. The poor person is considered if its income is less than or equal to sixty percent of the average salary of Germany 12,5 million impoverished avalanche occurred.

But Germany calls all the disadvantaged around the world. A refugee – a lump sum of 2800 euros (my scholarship 1000 euros), furnished with furniture and household appliances room (family apartment) benefit in 399 euros per month, payment of any physician, payment of language schools in the No limit period (until know the language, will study).

23 January

Imam Erfurt requires schools to introduce lessons in Islam to all students. The Minister of Education is willing to agree.

24 January

I heard from the smart people that are imported refugees in case of war with Russia, which is actively preparing for the average burgher. Russian here again: “Subhumans, untermenschen”, – subhuman, against which we must fight, but somehow uncomfortable. In addition, ten, five German men are overweight, three homosexuals and two, just Islamists.

A fresh example of the process of consciousness: Pro7 channel showed the story of the scouts model agency, traveling to Siberia, where “every girl is beautiful.” Speaking of Siberia, it was called “Eastern Europe”, stressed that “the territory of the thirty-six times in Germany, but the population is half,” showed a beautiful city, well-dressed people and no alcoholics (unusual for a German TV).

All anything, that’s just the plot never sounded the word “Russia”. Siberia called the country: “Country Siberia, which is from the Urals to the Pacific Ocean.” Show map flight crew: “Germany – Italy Siberia.” Cute.

2 February

Vaterland abandon the slogan “Germany for the Germans”, now we live under the banner of “Country without Borders, Germany – a country of immigrants” (“Deutschland ist Einwanderungsland!”). Germans believe any resident in Germany, the rights of those born here is no more than the guests.

Do you think the foolishness? Nothing of the sort: the decision taken at the meeting in the Bundestag with the filing of the most vociferous party – the Green Party.

I used to think that the Green Party – it’s about nature, our mother. But it turned out a party of Muslims in Germany. I – the naive Chukchi girl.

… Poor, poor Germans. Even I feel sorry for them was. One day to take away.

5 February

Sueddeutsche Zeitung: “In Germany, there was a difficult situation with apartments. We accept refugees, but we can not provide them with housing. At the same time, many old people live in very spacious apartments, own surplus square meters. Therefore, we are forced to adopt a new program on forced resettlement old in a room or small apartment for the social norm 16-20 square meters per person. The situation is very difficult, we urge the German people to understand and to help. “

In the comments people wrote that in the north of Germany, a lot of empty houses, whose residents had left in search of work, and it would be possible to place the refugees there. On this government says that refugees there will be sad and bored, that their real integration is possible only among native Germans. And yes, because there is no work!

20 February

Italian secret services published the intercepted conversations ISIS leaders: “We fill our soldiers to Europe.” Under the guise of refugees in Europe, shipped thousands of Islamists … Taadaam! Who would doubt that.

23 February

Title mayor Glaubits Meyssonovskoy in the field (where porcelain, yes) to the residents: “Due to the increasing flow of refugees city guide urges all to check whether the citizens of the room free. City Hall intends to place refugees in the homes of citizens. Thank you for understanding.” (How fortunate that my apartment 48 meters On 8 meters more than normal, but still not hooked Africans!).

26 February

Germany suspended the admission of refugees by the epidemic of measles and chicken pox, which emerged first in camps and then spread to the urban population. In Berlin last Friday with measles died two children. German Ministry of Health is compelled to carry out forced vaccinations. We are talking about the health of the nation. (But we will take the refugees will not stop! Firms producing vaccines, dancing a jig).

4 March

When all Russian newspapers wrote about my grandmother, who died as a result of the diligent work of employees supermarket, I read a lot of comments that “this is only possible Raschke such callousness.” Today, found: “A German court sentenced Gertrude F. (87 years) imprisonment. Reason: Frau F. has been repeatedly fined for a free ride, but never paid the fines, which, together with accumulated alerts on 400 euros.

In his defense, the grandmother said: “I can still walk, I’m pretty healthy, but I find it hard to walk away. Yes, I went a few stops on the bus for free. My pension 560 euros for an apartment I’m paying 470 euros. I go to get out of one firm 3 euros for an hour. I’m sorry. “

Grandma is almost closed, but then reporters could not stand and gathered her 400 euros.

5 March

The integration of refugees is underway. The truth is not where expected naive burghers. The number of orders for the master key and the keys (this is news, but unofficial sources, so the link will not, I can only vouch for the head of the information about frequent looting of apartments and attacks on the Germans: “A Th he gave me such a look?” – Harassment to women of all ages, snatching bags, crimes related to drugs, accidents involving cyclists and Africans, especially shoplifting). The reaction of the Germans: “What do you want? They receive benefits penny! These accidents have no other choice! “.

Disclosed cases of this business: the refugees, using the fact that for the Europeans, they all look the same, as well as the fact that they pay for travel by train (the integration of the same familiarity with the country!), Register themselves in different lands and receive benefits in three places . What? Free time sea travel is convenient, and they destroy the passport before entering Germany (so more likely to get status: type of running away from the dictatorship directly from the torture chambers, Pluck Pluck, …).

Yesterday his son during a sporting event for the first time in ten years has opened a locker room and obchischeny bags and jackets students. Money, smartphones, tablets … not allowed to call the Police, on the grounds that she still would not look, taking advantage of the new law on ignoring petty crime.

Congratulations, dear Frau and Herr.

6 March

German Pastor Ulrich Wagner proposed to grant the men refugee prostitutes. “Prostitution – a recognized profession in Germany. A refugee receives medical assistance, and it is why we refuse to not less important – the sexual aid?” Pastor. Evangelical Protestant Church. And what will be glad Ukrainian something in brothels!

7 March

People boils because hosting refugees, and the place just is not even a bed to put them nowhere. The fact that the first who came received good apartments, sent their photos to Africa provoke them. Those cornered – and some places no more. They are placed anywhere in Berlin won the dome inflated, there were three hundred men in bunk beds in one room. And now the refugees blocked the road, strike, demanding “the same conditions as friends.” In Munich, they were in the communal podselyat, and that’s really savages! Recently staged a fire in the apartment. They built a fire on the floor, ready for something differently.

15 March

Went to Hamburg to take exams, shock straight from the station: the crowd of Africans in fashionable vintage clothing, as one say in the latest models of smartphones. The stores are constantly declare that followed the bags. What a wonderful life occurred in Germany! You see on the streets of the German and wonder. Villages on the main street to the cafe and decided to count the number of Africans will pass me in five minutes. Seventy-two people! Itit … This is some kind of Babylon.

The refugees took for themselves iPhones on credit, and pay changed their minds: do not realize that sign in the store. Sit now “not understanding” with gadgets. And shopping for them to pay the government. Photo: REUTERS

9 April

Lightning! Refugees reportedly jumped out from under the bombing, was bored in warm shelters svezheotremontirovannyh! Strike, blocking the road in Munich, to be transferred to the capital of the land: “There’s a disco, where we can get acquainted with the German women!”

(Serves them right, the Germans, for all their hatred of Russia, 27 million for our dead. It’s not true that the people of Germany to repent: a new trend, they saved the Russian Stalin a tyrant, all new movies about it.

Would Slavic slaves? Now wash, dear Herr, and go to work: you will now work on the Slavs and the Arabs and Africans. God is waiting for a long time, but hurts).

10 April

The nation was lost. None of the German people as such. Great Invasion given to them as a punishment.

Why do I have two in the morning climb to mind the thought of the end of European civilization?

In Madrid I tricked my friend dragged into the Archaeology Museum. And there’s a large part of the exhibition is devoted to the period of Muslim rule: a 7-14-till th century. The same happened after the conquest imperceptibly, step by step, mile after mile. East Europe in general only recently liberated from the Turks.

That is, here 711-th year, that’s ours, and that the Arabs – and the Arabs won ours.

Seven centuries! Seven hundred years Europe spoke in Arabic, and wore the hijab, because of which are now cross swords!

(By the way, came to Germany Arabs and Africans are now allowed to “reunite with his family,” as it is necessary for humane standards of the UN and UNESCO, even if the family is at home had four wives. They now have the right to be brought in Vaterland).

11 April

As a joke, forty-three times pressed refugees from two shelters in Trier button call firefighters. Forty-three times to them came to the aid of the police and firefighters.

“If it were the Germans, we would have written them a fine of EUR 34.400. But there is nothing to take the refugees, they are the same as little children,” – said the police edition of “Focus Online” (and wiped).

Forty-three times! Even much of unemployed Germans, “from which to take nothing,” my mother would punish no-worry-after a second time! Twist would be shot in the knee by police folk traditions! And then straight humanists, scolded and left. WHAT’S HAPPENING?!

Yesterday on Bavarian TV said that citizens need to show understanding and patience: not all refugees are able to use the toilets, not everyone knows the European rules, for example, cocoa and write in a sandbox. Do not yell at the refugees, they can, and drunken, but they are also “traumatized by war.” Therefore drink. What to poop in the sandbox, so it’s just because they have made at home: in the sand and bury poop (I write direct translation, a word from you). We have a son stole four bikes on the last six months, the son of saving up. Most will not buy.

17 April

Horrified by hatred of the Russian. Yes, there are sober voices, but the forecast five percent do not. It feels that the Germans were only waiting for the signal: “Ata!”

A small example: Russia decided to withdraw from some of the project and there is a space to build its own space station. Commentators: “Ha ha. Well, let them build, if these drunks something happens. But from what will build, from potatoes and empty vodka bottles?” I quietly and politely asked: “Excuse me, but do not remind many space stations built and launched Germany?” My God, what’s begun! “You, bitch of Stalin” (you, the Stalinist litter, Eng. – Approx. Ed.), – The most decent.

“Russian” dirty word for the Germans, always said mockingly. Hatred of the Russian can doze on the bottoms of their souls, but never disappears. And if the war? If you allow them to kill us? But the Americans Germans worship. America is perfect.

Informing the refugees coming to Europe. Photo: REUTERS

18 April

In the town of Eschweiler at the request of the residents have banned the church bells ringing, he irritated them. Now, twice a day over the city cries of the muezzin from the amplifier, so surely. Where to renounce their religion, to the other creeps.

20 April

With wide effort! In Bremen, the pensioner has been fined for having called the African 11-old boy Negro. True, he first called her “an old prostitute”, but it does not count?

22 April

So. Great just beginning. The Germans suddenly grew bolder and began to accuse aloud refugee flows … “accursed Zionists” !!! So, NATO is not to blame! Holy America is not to blame! Germany, with its budget-business “arms sales” at all to do with it! Blame the Israelis, they had made life unbearable Africa … In Russia it is necessary to come back. Good thing I did not sell apartment. God has saved.

25 April

Bundeswehr began combat training for a war with Russia. As a joke burghers, “a nuclear war – it is local, and very useful for Russia.”

26 April

The well-known books were “over the head” of the line: “Six people, raped schoolgirl schoolyard were Arab migrants and spoke in an unknown language.” Specify the nationality of the perpetrators is now impossible.

PySy. Germany suggested not to wait for a boat, on which refugees are sailing to Europe, and to send two ships and take refugees from the shore. 75 percent of Germans welcomed the resettlement of Africans. This mass suicide of the nation. The program of annihilation.

28 April

In Bremen at the folk festival has come a huge number of Africans, after which people were missing purses and smartphones. When you try to apprehend the thieves hit many police: Africans did not know that in Germany you can not beat the policeman punched in the face. But the police have learned well that Africans can be a maximum chide facial expressions and gestures (they do not understand German). And who complains that a racist.

14 May

Oops. I read the comments under the article about the “poor and unfortunate refugees” (the others we do not, but where do they get on 6000-10000 euros for the trip to the north of Europe?). It turned out that they were very aware that it is necessary to say that the documents have to lose, and so on. D.

Who instructs them? Today, discussing the requirement (!) Refugees to insert them new teeth (the Germans have to pay for themselves, t. To. This “cosmetics”). Whence this audacity?

Not knowing German, Africans, just that loud shout in the face of the Germans: “Nazi!”. If the police behaved with them strictly, refugees painted a swastika on the wall sections. Whence this knowledge?

Or, today in Berlin, the refugees who were denied status, began to build in front of the Senate of the Noah’s Ark, “As a sign that we need a shelter.” Whose idea, they are all ignorant: 64 75 percent of men and percent of women do not know how to read and write?

Many refugees blurts out that the money was given to them on the way some American organizations.

20 May

Began childish harassment towards women. Africans from all primate frankness offer “love and friendship”, but if a woman is outraged, then beat her. Can simply to kill: the other day 34-year-old “refugee from Africa” ​​stabbed 48-year resident of the city lesum.

Do you know what triggered the outbreak of hostilities against the Germans? Application Migration Office workers: “If you want to stay in Germany, then you need to urgently get married. Go and look for a bride.” They said they went. Dissenters killed.

27 May

In Germany, things get interesting. I thought that the worst had already seen in 90-x. But no! Yesterday in the park “two Černolice” raped a 34-year. Everything is now alone not run … It became dangerous to walk in the evenings. All stocking pepper sprays. We now not only in swimming pools, water parks and beaches of security, but in the entire public transport in each tram. The official version – the protection of refugees from the neo-Nazis. Let me explain: in Germany forbidden to make public any police chronicle involving refugees, but as handsome settled among the people, and the people are now cameras except that in no buttons, the murder will not hide. People rages, pokes deputies facts and videos on the government responds: “Einzelfall”, – edinichny case. Our new meme bitter.

28 May

All local warn that refugees are knives (they were allowed, against the mythical Nazi) and can cut you if you closely look at them – they perceive it as a challenge.

Advocates for refugees cry on TV: “We can not send people to countries where they have no friends! The allocation must take into account, where friends or relatives lived. Loneliness inhumane!”

And where there are already familiar from the first party? In Germany.

All of this distribution is ineffective: there are no boundaries and refugees go where they like. They tried to send a party to the Baltic, from there they went: poorly paid, not as their friends in Germany.

3 June

Christian Democratic Party (CDU, Germany’s ruling party, if that) offers every couple of police officers include one refugee. Will the refugees work, they say. (Police in Germany has absolute power. This is not Russia. The selection of this initiative was to both astronauts).

17 June

Oh, God … Scabies, lice … Write that in Germany an epidemic of lice … What’s next?

22 June

Bliiiin … Where are we?

“The schoolboy died of the plague, – confirmed the doctors.” Plague in Berlin. AIDS refugees are no longer checked: useless.

26 June

Cars are parked on the lawns. Dear people, for example, Africans began to move, anywhere. Farewell to the German order. If they did not live in Germany. Just was a story in the news that the Germans are no longer Neat. Parks and streets like a cesspool.

8 July

The Bundestag has allowed refugees serving in the Bundeswehr.

18 July

But fun.

“On Thursday afternoon, three teenagers Nakuru marijuana and decided to jump off the bridge into the river Isar” – depth – chickens wade pass. The three idiot (“refugee children unaccompanied”) falling, part of the body hit the “head” and choked water. First, one pulled out good citizens, then groped and others. When I came “fast” and the police, friends drowned (thirty) are not allowed to drive a company car, medical and police insulted, shouted: “Get out, you have nothing to do here!”

These certainly – as there Merkeliha says? – Enrich the culture of their native land.

18 July

Google removed the card “The refugee camps near my house.” Map this were enthusiastic (see. Photo). And it turned out that these camps are located within walking distance from one another, and so much that all the assurances, “Germany took only seventy-seven thousand refugees” – not true.

19 July

In Hamburg, the refugee camps have spent WiFi – free, to communicate with families and friends in Africa. Then you would not believe! The refugees went to the store, have concluded contracts for smartphones and tablets, and pay on the loan does not become! Company demanded payment from Merkel, and they repair the damage because “the refugees did not realize that sign.” Sit now “do not understand”, with iPhones and iPads … Such cases occur en masse. Munich Africans eat and drink right in the supermarket, the city said that all pay, just to the police did not cause.

20 July

News: “In 100 seekers place of study in Germany have to 5 jobs.” Next: “In place of training will primarily take the refugees.” So, zero jobs for Germans. Unemployment, according to new data in Germany 70 percent. We went on strike in May: the railroad, employees of nurseries and kindergartens, postal workers, health workers, DHL. Ceased to repair highways, collapsed all social programs. Merkel is destroying the country with the speed of the graduate School of Economics.

21 July

I sat in a cafe, a short, hour somewhere. From the heart to watch the new waiters: African and two Arabs. Refugees without German, but with English. They were ordered to take the job. I’m worried if they do not spit into my glass of lemonade. Because these three people were served with persons “Schaub you died with your cappuccino, a fascist.” Offended moved among the tables with a view “is not for you this rose blossomed.” My friend complained that VW plant took the most capable in the pipeline, but next week the Africans and Arabs to work simply did not come. Another spoke of his mother, who goes to the Center for Refugees and offers a one-two in his place. In general, I told … proud of my mom. It was then that I was useful and the ability to make Poker Face, inscrutable face. I’ll wear it constantly.

25 July

Propaganda launched in the media “for the refugees,” many times surpasses in its intensity and stupid lies GDR state propaganda. This, of course, only the East Germans understand the entire western believe. Think about, we’ve got every day there are news like: “Poor refugee Mohammed Abdullah walked down the street and found 1700 (1300, 1250, 1000) euro and took them to the police!”. So come true pioneers.

26 July

In Germany, we began to dismiss from work for the FB-posts and comments against refugees.

7 August

For every refugee who take to themselves the German family, will be paid 20 euros per day. There was information that will be paid to women who agree to meet with the Africans. The girls, the truth is that it?

14 August

Debilizm Germans knows no bounds !!! With the new academic year at universities in Germany and the Ottoman African refugees can do without ratings! Everyone else should be super-certificate, super-characteristic with notes of summer voluntary work for the benefit of the state and the free practice – and still have to wait in the waiting list more than one or two semesters!

18 August

What is happening in Germany is appalling. To think about moving. Where? Where to go from this horror with Muslim migrants? Today, walking down the street: afikantsy whistle followed, except that the eyes do not rape. Yes, and it’s not far.

Esteemed forum Russian wives, finally realized that I’m not alone understand everything and I am in isolation debility among the German inhabitants. All more or less decent barracks and barracks crammed to capacity. Where possible, build container villages and refugee camps. Imagine the picture? The Germans put up tents, Germans equip their beds, blankets and personal hygiene … And behind all this quietly watching the crowd of smokers on the sidelines of refugees. Though one would help!

Against this background, we reported yesterday that the German people to accept more requests 700 000 people! Requests! Raise taxes, by the way, to the refugees. A decision to confiscate empty houses and apartments are in private ownership (while arguing about the law, but I’m sure: soon the law is bent in the right direction). Or will impose taxes or take away. Who’s to say that the right of ownership – the sacred?

And what happens every day in the places of residence of German Culture dressers (quote from Merkel)! The police there almost never leaves: fights, stabbing, rape (about what is happening in the toilet and shower is impossible to tell: a circle feces, even on the walls of wiping traces of dirty fingers).

In the press there is a debate: how to force the refugees to clean up after an excrement? The Germans failed to realize that these people do not clean up. And his life is not cleaned, the generations. The man does not concern rags and debris. This involved them women.

Send trials of those who speak ill of the refugees.

21 August

“My husband explained on the fingers: the refugees are beneficial for industry, construction concerns, manufacturers and sellers of products, pharmaceutical factories. Who it is expected to brief but significant industrial boom. The rich become richer, the state will receive a small profit in the form of taxes, and the common people – black faces, filthy parks and rampant crime. That is not the policy or uporotyh idiots, they know what’s going on! Just in Germany, the policy dictates the capital and decision-makers MPs are hoping that their money will provide them with protection against lawlessness. I ofigela that I can not print from the nerves, “- a Russian forum of wives.

22 August

Female doctor writes the daily scandals in the waiting room, the refugees do not want to be examined a woman. Require man doctor! We have no money for the clinic guards, medics left alone with this crowd. The medical director said, if the refugees complain of German doctors, followed by dismissal.

Media: The question of what women police officers should wear headscarves. It is not yet the veil.

23 August

In Germany, once again starting to burn books. Burned are subject to all the children’s book where the word “nigger”.

… Meanwhile, we are moving from the city to the “cottage”. Life among the absolutely arrogant and inadequate refugees and Roma is simply impossible. We decided that since I need to vacate the apartment for a family of Africans, it is a sign.

Yes, I was “asked”. I had a council flat with a small surplus area. Evicts not going nowhere, but provide such rooms in the boarding of that life does not fit either far away, or run, or contingent nochlezhek. Africans something, of course, is not settled in, defenders will peck. But white can be.

A year ago, the news about the expropriation of apartments ridiculed. Now it is a fact of life.

26 August

We misunderstood the words of the end of the world. We were waiting for something like the Flood. A flood turned the other. These people – they are locusts.

27 August

Minister of Justice of Germany Maas requires management to Facebook decisive action against anti-refugee commentators. Now I have some idea how people lived in the early 30-ies. People are afraid to say anything at children. All critical positions in the network rubbed, the Germans are left alone with their own feelings about what is happening. Today forbidden to gather in the streets. More than three is not going to … in September will be adopted by some other law against dissatisfied, that is against us. I am looking for somewhere to go. Now the examinations offered and I will look for a job bio-engineer in other places apart from Germany. I am Russian, I can not afford such humiliation.

1 September

“KP” has published my notes, and I covered the ninth wave of accusations of lying. Strange to say, if someone does not know, then it’s something immediately declared non-existent. In Germany, the city of the city – are different, not to mention the different lands. Guidelines cities and towns if compete in whose Initiative for Refugees would be more pridurochnoy and intricate. He argued against? You’re a fascist, mildrug …

On the border of Macedonia and Serbia is not without blood, the police forced the refugees by force to pacify. Photo: REUTERS

I do not believe that the church is no longer insisting on infant baptism? So here’s the news trenchant in December 2014 year someone came up with the idea to perform at the Christmas celebrations in the churches of Muslim hymns. As always, this hooked celebrities who were opposed to Christmas and the birth of Christ … From this year will perform.

But fresh: Hamburg Kaperaum-Kirche (near Horn) will be rebuilt under the mosque. Draft forty percent will be paid by Kuwait. It is two and a half billion euros.

2 September

On the coast of the Baltic Sea, in the district of Rostock on a nudist beach come dressed (!) Muslim refugees, mixed with the naked vacationers, looking at them and taking pictures with their smartphones. Disrespect? Well, it depends. The mutual enrichment of cultures, as they say here. On all leaves that refugees enjoy new fun, because every day they are coming more and more – free to take a look.

“These beaches are marked with signs, but the prohibition of finding them fully clothed there,” – responsible authorities (the newspapers).

The “Europe without borders” re-set fences and barbed wire stretched. Photo: REUTERS

2 September

Just on the radio “Antenna Bayern” (14: 00, news): “The Rector of the Technical University of Munich has ordered part of lectures in German language to read in English, so that students are refugees taken to the University from this semester, could understand the content” .

3 September

“Give Refugees in the future – they rewrite his will” – the UN Commission for Refugees we start our new company. Who does not believe, here’s a photo booklet (on site).

The same brochure UN. Photo: Facebook

4 September

“Union of the criminal police demands to stop calling entering without a visa to Germany” illegals. ” All people are legal. ” With this agreed Labour Minister German Andrea Nales and asked for his ministry still 3 billion euros.

4 September

“… Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić almost tearfully appealed to the German government: stop paying pocket money waiting for political asylum! That’s the best 190 euros a month per person and set in motion huge masses of the Balkans” (translate the press ).

From Austria to Germany, refugees are sent to the comfortable trains. Photo: REUTERS

4 September

One thousand three hundred times the police went North-Rhine-Westphalia and on missions to refugee camps in the period January-July 2015 years. In these camps created fifty thousand people. It is not I write – is our well-known journalist and author of four books Udo Ulfkotte. The comments people write as a police force to correct reports that did not sound any hint of migrants and refugees. Cherish the people, yes.

A refugee camp in Hungary, surrounded by tight security. Photo: REUTERS

4 September

Tenants Osnabrueck must vacate their apartments for refugees. Bayern went their way: all offer home buyers bonus 300 euros per square meter, provided that the living space for seven years, will give only refugees! Buy an apartment and get a baseball cap !!!

Empty space station in Budapest after another party left here Syrians. Belongings can be: for grants can be bought new. Photo: REUTERS

5 September

No comments. Because the words are not there.

“In the evening after the autumnal Festa, that is a holiday, the mother (37 years) and daughter (17 years) were sexually assaulted. First, they feel that behind them in the darkness someone coming, they ran, but on the road to the car park caught the young guy (23 years, a refugee from Pakistan). He lashed out at his mother squeezed her in his arms, pushed to the ground and tried to kiss her. At this time the daughter lupila his back bag. The boy stuck his tongue in her mouth woman, and the woman bit off a guy language. Then they were both out of the car called the police. The guy is back on the Fest, where he fainted. Now he’s in jail. “