It’s the beginning of the end of Europe

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Op-ed: The Europeans are failing to realize that Muslim refugees will lead to the complete disappearance of their countries’ tradition, culture and progress and to the establishment of an Islamic rule across the entire continent.

Like everyone, I have also been watching the refugee “invasion” of Europe in the past few days. And an examination of the European Union’s plan for taking them in has finally convinced me that the Europeans still know nothing about what is happening in the Middle East – and definitely not about the danger they are facing. The European leaders, led by the leaders of Germany and France, didn’t understand anything about 40 years ago, when they opened their gates to laborers from Turkey and the Maghreb countries. Now they are repeating the same mistake – and this time to a much larger extent. Whether out of innocence or out of foolishness, the Europeans are failing to realize that they are singlehandedly creating fundamental changes in their populations, which will lead in the coming years to the complete disappearance of the tradition, culture and progress of their countries. In other words, in the not so distant future we will witness the end of “classic Europe” and the establishment of an Islamic rule across the entire continent.

This may sound apocalyptic. However, it’s close to becoming a fact. Germany, which is willing to take in 800,000 to 1 million refugees every year, is incapable of turning them into full-fledged citizens. On the contrary: The refugees, who are mostly Muslims, have turned Germany into a territory in which they will set the tone and turn into the real rulers. Just like Germany failed in its efforts to take in hundreds of thousands of Turkish work migrants – who have so far preserved their language, their traditional customs, including vendetta and “honor killing,” and who don’t even turn to civil courts to settle issues like murder but prefer their traditional courts – it definitely won’t manage with the millions of Muslims it is willing to take in now. Not to mention France or Sweden, which are even less prepared. The EU plan also details the number of refugees who are supposed to be taken in by Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia. But this is just further proof of the misunderstanding of the continent’s leaders: It’s clear that not a single refugee will agree to settle in countries like Bulgaria and Romania, which are among the poorest in Europe, and it’s not at all certain that countries like Poland and the Czech Republic will agree to take in the refugees. It’s also strange that Europe’s leaders are unaware of the fact that the large majority of their public doesn’t even want the refugees. So in conclusion, it seems that Europe is once again ignoring the dangers it is facing and is failing to realize that this is the beginning of the end of the old continent.,7340,L-4698778,00.html

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